About Being Barefoot and Rich

Barefoot and Rich Author - John CummingsBarefoot and Rich is a concept that emphasizes the value of time over money. Over the last 15 years as a lawyer becoming an entrepreneur, it occurred to me that chasing money always led to less time, regardless of whether it led to more money. On the flip side, however, working to create more time for yourself forces some pretty cool things to happen and you end up with more time AND more money.

I wrote Killing Time Vampires as the first phase of a “Barefoot and Rich” system, because nearly everyone I’ve coached or helped was stuck in a rut of not having enough time to pursue their dream life. Once you force margin into your daily schedule through an emphasis on escaping the traps you impose on yourself, the world opens up before you and you can begin to multiply your time, discover your true purpose and ultimately, make a lot more money in a lot less time spent at work. It’s actually like magic.

Using the principles often seen in popular books like “Four Hour Work Week”, I help people create the time they need to escape where they are at, and get to where they belong. My Killing Time Vampires system is guaranteed to create one extra hour in every day of your schedule, no matter what business you’re in, within 14 days.  Enter your email at right to get your free copy. 

Thanks for sharing about your background and insight to Time Creation.
Makes total sense. Enjoyed hearing about the successes you have had and how I can utilize your high organizational methods and processes to create success and wealth.

Thank you for the tips! Will be watching for your book! Here’s comes August 2010 next best seller!