Limitless – Are You Living Up to Your Potential or Limiting It?

by John Cummings on August 20, 2012

Are you the victim of self-limiting beliefs?  If you are not already doing what you are meant to be doing in life, there a very high likelihood that it’s your own fault.

Now, I am not in the habit of movie reviews but I had to share some thoughts on “Limitless” with Bradley Cooper.  Please don’t get me wrong. I don’t advocate the use of any mind or body altering drugs, which are the catalyst for the character in Limitless. But I want you to watch this movie and tell me if it doesn’t inspire you to finally remove the self-imposed limits you place on yourself.

Watch the trailer and then read on.

What I found interesting about the movie, drugs not withstanding, is that it inspired me to consider what things I was doing, or failing to do each day, that were holding me back from my destiny. What am I blaming my failures on? How many hours a day do I focus on things that really don’t matter?

  • Fear, doubt, scarcity.
  • Phone calls with people who you don’t need to talk to.
  • Appointments and meetings that do nothing to earn you more money or fulfillment.
  • Reading email and other internet content that wastes your time rather than lifts you up.

I teach people about this every day and yet, while watching this movie, I was awakened yet again to how much focus I can lose in a day or a week or a month. And before you know it, another day, week or month has gone by without being any closer to the things on your “barefoot” list.

It’s a slippery slope.  A slow fade. And I renewed my commitment this week to remove from my day anything that doesn’t bring me closer to my God-given purpose. Email I don’t need to read. Calls from people I don’t need to talk to. Focusing on things that waste my time (hello, Facebook, YouTube, television news).

Ironically, I already have a proven system to avoid the slide into chaos and stuck-ness. And Limitless has inspired me to sharpen it and do even more to reach my goals.

You don’t need medication or anything else to reach the perfect version of yourself.  You just need to believe it and start heading in that direction. Right now, without limits. What’s holding you back?  You are.

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