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A large part of our work involves helping you develop your brand strategy and business model. Our coaching sessions revolve around  positioning your brand, Your brand’s core values and how your brand will be interpreted by your audience (customers).

The result of this coaching style is the ability to measure your business’ performance as it directly relates to your actions, reactions and most importantly interactions. To put it simply… your “decisions” regarding your business.

Barefoot and Rich is simply coaching with five of the top business minds in the country… John Cummings, Rocco Castellano, A.J. Roberts, Neil Venketramen, and Josh Carter. Our main focus is too help you develop strategic thinking and planning that precedes the tactical branding work of identity, website development and business strategy.

The mission of Barefoot and Rich is to help business professionals understand… “Who they are, What they are about and What they stand for.” through proprietary processes including workshops, consulting, and one to one business coaching.

Barefoot and Rich creates an environment that centers on shifting your business thought processes from the typical advertising “push, expose, and spend” mindset to the brand community “pull, attract and interact” mindset.

Real businesses (brands) are based on a fully engaged fan base that helps you develop, evolve and grow your brand throughout its life span.

To find out more about how Barefoot and Rich’s team of coaches can rapidly get you to be “Barefoot and Rich” and create an amazing life for yourself, please fill out the form below. Your answers will be the foundation for your initial discussion in finding if we are a good fit.

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