Barefoot and Rich: Life and Executive Coaching

Create More Time.

Make More Money.

Enjoy Your Life.

It really is that simple. If you’re stuck with too little time or too little money or both, I can help. I escaped from the law (practice) over a decade ago and found both freedom and financial success waiting. Let me show you how.

Too often we put our emphasis on making money. More often than expected we can make money, but we can rarely make time to enjoy it.  What if you focused first on creating more time?

Barefoot and Rich is a complete roadmap to having more money and the time to enjoy it. What you are about to learn on this website and in the materials you’ll enjoy as part of my system is that you can have it all.  Money. Time to enjoy it. And complete fulfillment of your purpose in life.

The system starts with a two-pronged approach to your success.

ONE:  Get you unstuck.  Using proven principles and a proprietary system of productivity management, you will find the time in your schedule to find your muse, your passion, your purpose. We call it Time Creation®.

TWO.  Get you in alignment.  You have a purpose and a destiny built on the talents you already possess. It may be that you’re not even aware of this. While you use Time Creation to free your attention to focus on higher level thinking, I will help you sharpen your vision and then execute massively to reach your goal.

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