Barefoot and Rich Affiliate Program – Sign Up Today!


Do you know anyone who should be using the internet, online video and social media to promote themselves, their brand, their product or their services but doesn’t know how to pull it all off?  I would be honored to SERVE your clients, customers and colleagues with my Getting Past The Technology mini-series and Workshop.

Do you know a coach, teacher, lawyer or any professional who is literally missing the boat because they don’t know enough (or a thing) about how to put the internet to work for them?

I am so excited today to welcome you to my Barefoot and Rich Affliliate Program, which will allow you to easily share my help with any professional who wants to learn the “how-tos” of internet marketing, online video and social media so they can generate more business right in their current career as a professional, coach, realtor, lawyer, etc.

The cost of the recorded workshop is $397 and will include over 10 hours of training on just about every tech and marketing issue, unbelievable bonuses, a new deep dive training on how to edit video in iMovie and so much more.

Think about how much your friends will thank you for helping them get past this hurdle of “what do I do next” and “how do I put this all together.”

I’m looking forward to working with you to make the next launch an even bigger success!  I’ll split every sale with you so you will earn almost $200 per referral that gets my Workshop!

As soon as you sign up, you’ll gain access to a very simple affiliate center page where you can copy your affiliate link to give out to your list.  And then, I’ll be in touch with exciting news about some prizes and bonuses for those of you who refer the biggest number of people.

NOTE: As soon as you submit, you’ll receive an email message with your log in information, which will be your email address and a temporary password. You can change the password when you log in :)