My Name is John Cummings and I’m Recovering From the Full Time Practice of Law. I’m Also a Fulfilled Entrepreneur and I’d Like to Help You

Barefoot and Rich Author - John Cummings

I retired from the full time practice of law about 15 years ago when I discovered that there was an amazing new way for me to leverage my knowledge and expertise that didn’t involve billing by the hour. Now, I’m on a passionate mission to help other professionals escape the billable hour trap and become fulfilled entrepreneurs as highly paid experts, using what they already know. You just have to learn to rethink how you package and sell what you have!

As an attorney in New York and New Jersey for 10 years, I was led to believe that time was money. Unfortunately, it took 5 long years to learn that time is NOT money and 5 more years to figure out what to do about it. Time is time. Money is money.  Until you learn to separate the two, you’ll be chained to your desk. I was miserable until I decided to get out and get moving.

By 2000, my first internet venture was successful enough that I had no choice but to leave my full-time law practice completely. Since then, I’ve started a magazine, a wellness company, and founded and sold an information-based website for a nifty sum.

It turns out that all of my business ventures had one thing in common – leveraging knowledge, information and expertise as a product, rather than an hourly service. Once you realize that, the multiplication of your potential income from what you already know, becomes potentially unlimited.

Are you still sitting at your desk? Pull up a beach chair, kick off your shoes and let me show you how you can get out of the office, for good. Enter your email at right to get started on the road to a place I like to call “Barefoot and Rich”. After all, what good is money, if you don’t have time to spend it?


John Cummings is a licensed attorney in New Jersey, New York and Florida, a serial entrepreneur and the founder of several startups including which he sold in 2008 as well as a health and wellness site at He is the author of Killing Time Vampires and the creator of the Lawyer’s Escape Action Plan (LEAP) ™ and a new program called Teaching Millions. Married to the love of his life and raising two amazing teens, John lives in Palm Beach County Florida.